impress.js is a library that was created to help create online presentations. It uses a lot of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers to animate your slides.

I used the library to create a presentation about learning on the web.

I first wrote up an outline of what I wanted to present. From this outline I created a pdf to use within the presentation. It was, then, time to figure out my styles and fonts. I decided to go very simple and let the fonts dictate the style. I used a collection of fonts from Google Web Fonts.

As for impress,js, I read through the documentation and create a page. I experimented for a while with all the properties that it uses. I then created my basic mark up without all the extra properties and did a bit of basic styling. I then used impress to move the slides around the canvas. Lastly, I styled the slides and made minor adjustments as needed.

I think that impress.js is a create tool for publishing presentations online. I was fun to put together this animation and I think that it turned out well.