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Posted on July 16, 2011 by Anna

There are a huge number of amazing blogs and resources on the web. I have gathered a short selection of blog posts to get you surfing.


This site focuses on designing and developing websites. They go deep into different coding languages but they also offer information on how to make your site work better. They offer a lot of original content as well as round ups on anything from WordPress to SEO to one-page applications. I especially like their video tutorials.

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Search Engine Optimization 101

What is SEO? This article explains just that. It is a nice overview of the techniques used to optimize your page. It also gives links to other resources that can be used to find out more information. It is a good starting point when leaning about SEO.


This design site is written for a wide audience. It has many different resources for designers, developers, and bloggers. The content is a mix of original articles, round ups, tutorials, tip, tricks, and inspiration.

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How To Build Your Facebook Fan Page The Smart Way

Just creating a Facebook page is not enough anymore. Designers need to utilize the tools that Facebook offers to give their page more power. There is also a link on this page to another article from the same blog that teaches how to create a Facebook landing page. I thought this article might also turn out to be quite helpful.


This website is all about design and development trends. It’s content really focuses on round ups. It creates lists of helpful plug-ins, videos, tools, inspiration and as well as many other topics for designers and developers.

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100+ WordPress Video Tutorials, from Basic to Advanced

Do you learn best by video? If you do and you need to learn WordPress, here is a post for you. This post is a little bit old, but it still has a lot of good links. It is a roundup of videos to help not only those new to WordPress, but also some more advanced videos as well. Even though some of the links refer to tutorials on older versions of WordPress, many of these sites have updates their videos. Even the sites that have not updated their videos still have some very helpful information.