Quick Tip: Press It, The Bookmarklet

Posted on September 8, 2011 by Anna

Did you know that you can create a quick and easy post to your blog with a bookmarklet?

If you haven’t heard of a bookmarklet, it’s a tiny piece of JavaScript that is held on you favorites bar, just like a bookmark. You can then click it, and rather than it taking you to a web page, it runs that bit of code on whatever page you are on.

WordPress has created a bookmarklet called “Press It”. You can use it to make quick and easy posts from anywhere on the internet to you blog.

So, where do I get it?

All you need to do is go to the administration area of you site and click on the Tools page. Here there is a button marked Press it. Drag the button to the favorites bar in your browser. Now you have a bookmarklet.

What exactly does it do?

When you click on “Press It” on you favorites bar a small pop up window will open.

This window has a smaller version of your new post page. It also adds the text that you had highlighted included in the post. Now you can write quick and easy posts from wherever you are on the web.