My name is Anna Femath and I am the creator, writer, coder, and everything of this website. This page was created as a class project for imd405: Marketing Basics at the Art Institute of Washington as part of my major in Web Design and Interactive Media. Our objective was to create a WordPress run site on one of the subjects we were studying in the class. We had a choice of: Marketing, Social Marketing, WordPress, and SEO. As you may have guessed, I did my site on WordPress.

We also needed to come up with an angle for the site. I decided to go with WordPress for Beginner. I chose this because I was at the beginner level in WordPress, and I could write articles as I learned about the CMS.


These are the documents that were created durring the creation of this website.

Project Proposal

Creative Brief

Moodboard #1

Moodboard #2

Moodboard #3

Comp #1

Comp #2

Html Working Draft

Article Topic Ideas

Final Article Topic List

Article Outlines

Rough Draft Articles

My Portfolio

If you are interested in seeing more work that I have created, you can check out my Portfolio.


Thanks for looking around my site!

Photo Credits

All the images used on my site are either screenshots or were downloaded from Photo Xpress.