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Organizing Your Home

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Here are a few pictures to inspire you to finally get your home order. You will feel better if you do...we promise!


DIY Tip of the Day

Create Your Own Wall Art

Buying mounted prints can get quite expensive. Look about for books with beautiful art that suits you. Your local book store usually Leaf Old Headlinehas coffee table books at a discount or an old book store may have some interesting old prints in a tucked away book. Have the image mounted, or better yet frame it yourself. Voilà! You get that 100 dollar print for just a few bucks. If you have more space to cover often books will have similar illustrations. Mount a a few and now you have a beautiful series of works.

Top Ten Tricks for Spring Cleaning

Work House Home
  1. Create a plan
  2. Set reasonable goals
  3. Check for supplies you'll need
  4. Get the kids involved
  5. Clean one area at a time
  6. Do the room you hate to clean first
  7. Reward yourself with something after a goal is reached
  8. Be thorough
  9. Recycle things you no longer need
  10. Make some cash and have a garage sale

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